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The Arts of Illision

I guess in this world there are no winners, we all suffer from the same afflictions but we pretend we got it going on.

Because I'm so opposed to all this theater I guess I'm condemned already from the start.

I use this webspace to share my interests and emotions:
sinfull arts, music and what-nots that express the same emotions and I hope some of you will share some with me

Support the creatives

At the moment the creative forces behind LucidVision MultiVerse, Silcon System and Illusionary Battlegrounds (me and my girlfriend) are dirt-poor. Offcourse a lot of other people are too and we're still not completely in the gutter, but... We could use a bit of financial aid. We'd like to start a new black metal/ambient project called 'Xanimus' for this I only need an electric guitar and a pre-amp I can hook up to the computer.
We'd like to start making money by designing sites, logo's and other graphic work for struggling musicians on tight budgets. We did this already some 4 years ago but I got unemployed and all went sour, now I have a punishing day job that makes it hard for me to do things aside, but I do as much as I can. As long as my heart beats: there will be a new music project and it will be awesome !! We'd like to start helping people with computer issues so the money comes from work we actually like. Needed is a laptop, age and brand unimportant since we use Linux OS.
Any money made from LucidVision MultiVerse, Silcon System and Illusionary Battlegrounds puts us further into the right direction. The main focus is on creating new music and sharing it, by this we hope to connect more and more undergound musicians such as one-man projects and experimental bands who have little means to promote and share their music.
Offcourse when you've got anything physical like old instruments or recording gear, old computers or accesories this is more than welcome too. Any help like ideas, contributions of music, lyricks, artworks, server-space, programming help/advice or some other usefull mind-food are perhaps even more valuable donations.

Yearning for music

Just a couple of days ago I watched these videos:

one man metal prt.I
one man metal prt.II
one man metal prt.III

My first blog entry

Hi All,

I'm Rob, and I have created these pages out of an older site. thats why the names dont match yet. If I get a bit richer I'll claim the domain and move the whole thing to my own server.
At the moment I'm stuck financially so I cant do much more than this.

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